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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One day in life of mother

To all mothers…

“ The hectic job of a mom is filled with tug-of-war moments between precious joys and exhausting challenges. But nothing offers greater rewards or more opportunities to enrich yourself than rising your kids”
I woke up early today. Well, no surprises here. Having three small children in house means I don’t get to sleep till 8 am. In fact I woke up at 6 am this morning, because someone was jumping on my head. Trying to catch the last glimpse of my vanishing dream and still with my eyes closed I try to figure out who is jumping on my head this time. Jumps don’t hurt that much, it is Eliane. My little girl is carrying on with testing my patience and I think that it is something I can be actually glad about. She is jumping on my head, it means she is feeling much better (she had a stomach flue the day before, was throwing up constantly and did not eat a thing!)
Now I hear a cry from another room. It is Daniel. He is trying to look for his train and just can’t find it anywhere. Well no wonder at 6 am! If someone asks me where my nose is at this time in the morning, I think I would not be able to find it right away. Camila is the next one to wake up… my day has started.
I woke up at 8 am. At the breakfast table in my morning gown with a cup of coffee in my hand. Praise the Lord for my husband.
Now, what day is it today? MONDAY! AAAAAAAA HELP!!!
It means weekend is five long days away! Well, what cannot be changed, must be accepted. Trying to accept this scary fact, it doesn’t work very well. I don’t like Mondays. It means I am home alone with the kids, it means I need to dress them up, put them all in one buggy, do shopping, take Daniel to his playschool and pick him up 2 hours later, do my homework in between (for on Monday evenings I have Dutch classes). It is just crazy!
Well, the good thing is that the weather is good today. I can even put on one of my nice summer dresses. Hanging on to that nice thought I go upstairs into my bedroom, open my wardrobe and close it again. No need to get upset early in the morning.
Well in the end I did get my dress out.
I just love it! I put it on, look in the mirror, feeling satisfied. Now, I have to ask a man for an opinion. The only one available is my four year old son Daniel. I go to his room, where he is sitting on the floor and doing something really important to him, playing with his train (the one he was looking at 6 am).
Our Dialogue:
- Daniel, look, I have a beautiful dress on. Do you like it? (This is a question that makes most men suffer, including my husband, but for my little son it is still something he can deal with)
Daniel looks up, quickly examines my dress and says:
- No, mama. I don’t like it. But I think you are very beautiful.
Who cares that it is Monday, I am having a good day already!

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