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Friday, February 8, 2013

Goodmorning everyone! 
The sun is shining, children are at school. It is carnaval today and Eliane could go all dressed up as a pirate girl. She loves to dress up and has a lot of costumes she can play with. This is why for her 5th birthday we gave her a special suitcase, where she can keep all her princess dresses and other costumes. Trust me, sha has many! 
On a slightly different note.
On the 3d of March I have a craft fair, that means I have to work extra hard and be very productive. I have a lot of hair clips to make, think of packaging and promotion materials (such as business cards). I am actually almost done with my web shop!
Here is the link to it. Unfortunately you can not buy anything yet, as i have some trouble with PayPal system. Still need to figure out how it works! 
Anyway, here is the link!
Have a look at it and tell me what you think, i will appreciate any tips or comments. 
I want to specially thank my friend Swee from Swiedebie ( )for being a great support and inspiration to me. 
And here is some recent hair clips. They are all 5 cm french barrette clips.

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